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Our team of experienced air conditioning professionals can help you choose and install the right cooling solution for your home or business. We offer a professional reliable service to our clients with a focus on completing the job with precision.

DEC holds a restricted installation licence to install air-conditioners up to 18kw. We can fully install your air-conditioner to your home or business without the need to engauge with two trades. We are able to offer this because we can do the electricals and the unit installation.

If your system is larger or is a complex chiller system we engage the help of our affiliations and install parnters to provide your business with one point of contact for your services needs. These partners have been choosen carefully because they share the same core values as DEC
DEC only uses high qaulity parts and materials from reputable manufactures which provides trouble free service and fucntionality
Our team is ready to assist you with an obligation free quote for your next project. Call us today on:

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