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We are one of Queensland’s leading install partners of beonics ‘people counters’. These innovative tools allow you to track the flow of multiple customers in and out your business in real time throughout the course of the day. Now you can better understand the impacts of weather, events, sales and promotions on your success as a business by tracking the foot traffic in and out of your door.
The system has the ability to intergrate with retail POS systems which allows the system to provide a comprehensive report of sales conversions for daily, weekly and monthly.

The systems can help retail owners to establish benchmarks and provide valuable information to managers of traffic trends.
Business and marketing analysis at a click of a mouse
Keep track of your customer flow with a people counter
Key features of the system
Records entries and exits
Abiltiy to count multiple customers
Gauge success of marketing campainges
Gauge staff sales conversions performance
Monitor staffing requirements for different hours and days of the week
Network capabiltiy for head office reporting
Export data
Who currently uses this system
Shopping centres - Mirvac, Westfields,
Retailers - Super Amart, Pandora, Kookai, Trade secrets, Goldcross
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